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Flying Surfboard: shaped by Andrew Kidman - Photograph by Scott Sullivan

Shaping Philosophy

I shape boards that I’m interested in riding. Be it channel bottoms, single fins, traditional fish or prototypes that are combinations of these designs.

I believe in customizing equipment for the individual. I grew up with access to this kind of one on one experience, for me it has been one of the most enjoyable parts of the surfing journey. I’d like to continue to make that experience available for other surfers.

Shaping surfboards is a craft. It takes years and years to develop ones skills. I am still learning my craft being taught by such masters as Pat Curren, Skip Frye, Terry Fitzgerald, Wayne Lynch, Simon Anderson, Dave Parmenter, Wayne Deane, and Michael Mackie along the way. All these shapers have dedicated their lives to making equipment for themselves so they can surf the way they want to surf. Sometimes this translates for other surfers, sometimes it doesn’t. This is the beauty of one on one custom shaping - the shaper is able to talk about and consider what the client wants before applying his skills and experience to the task.

I don’t believe in making cheap, replicated surfboards. Hence the starting price for a custom order.

Custom orders only. All boards are hand shaped from a blank.

Starting price $1,300 AUD

To inquire email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)