Single - Stephanie Gilmore - Studies of Movement

20 ~ March 2014

A short film I made about the book single


Cars - The Windy Hills - First single from Fall of Planet Esoteria 2014

11 ~ March 2014

The Windy Hills - Cars from Andrew Kidman on Vimeo.

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Premier of Spirit of Akasha at the Sydney Opera House photos by Paul Whibley

04 ~ March 2014

These shots were taken by Paul Whibley, seated in what looks to be a pretty good spot in the concert hall of Opera House during the premier of Spirit of Akasha at the Sydney Festival in January. The Windy Hills are on stage playing the opening track to the film with Sydney Secondary College Children’s Choir.

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ost 1989

03 ~ March 2014

First band lost 1989. Darren Gover, AK and Kye Fitzgerald. We used to rehearse at Terry’s house on Saturday mornings when he was down working at the HB office (ex Guns & Ammo wearhouse on Waterloo Street). Often we’d go overtime, Terry would come home, walk into the room and say, “That will be enough of that.”

A few weeks after the fact, Terry asked us if we’d like to record some music for the film he was working on. It turned out the recordings we did were with the legendary Tim Gaze from Taman Shud. I’ve worked on and off with Tim ever since. Matt Corby recently recorded Tim’s brilliant song First Things First from Morning of the Earth for re-imagined CD that was set free in January 2014 — I guess it’s easy when you start off with a great song! The Windy Hills, covered Shud’s Sea The Swells for the same release.  In the pix that’s Gazey in the background with the pony tail twidling with some reel knobs…

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A Shot in The Dark from Brooklyn Dec 2013

03 ~ March 2014

Union Pool Brooklyn. Acoustic set with Jessie Gold. Followed by a Litmus screening. Thanks Tyler, Chris, Tara and Mike M. Couldn’t have done it with out ya!

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