New Fish for Paul

28 ~ March 2013

New Fish

New Fish

For some reason The Fish has drifted out of fashion over the last couple of years, which is odd as the ride remains the same. My 5’10” Skip Frye Lakers Fish is 13 years old now and still feels as good today as it did in the beginning. Last year I asked Skip if he would make me a new 5’10”, I wanted to feel what he’d done to the design in the last 13 years. On my new Bombers Fish he pulled the tail in by a 1/4 of an inch and the fins were slightly smaller with slight curve in the back. The Lakers Fish had large straight back keels. This board is for Paul Whibley in South Oz, I make no bones about mimicking what Skip does, it’s an honour to have his boards and to try and replicate his rail and form by hand. He told me 13 years ago while I was watching him shape Lakers Fish, that, “The design is yours now, you’ve gotta take it and do what you want with it. That’s what I did when Stevie gave me the template.” (referring to when Steve Lis gave him the original cardboard Fish template in the late sixties that he still uses today) It’s no easy task, a task that always leaves me humbled and with even more respect for Skip and his peers Steve Lis, Larry Gephart, Stanley Pleskunas, Hank Warner, Steve Pendarvis, Bob Mitsven and the other shapers from San Diego where the Fish was born. Legends.

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