Sea Journeys

10 ~ December 2010

Sea Journeys book

Sea Journeys book

Jane & Jeremy got in touch some time back and asked if they could use some polaroids they took from Litmus in a project the were working on. I had no idea what they were doing, but said yes. Sea Journeys - a hand sewn book they made with the polaroids turned up this week. It’s is incredible beautiful. They make their books in editions. In the first edition of Sea Journeys there are 60 copies. Click here to what they do. It’s beautiful stuff.

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Chicken Skin

04 ~ December 2010

Back in the shaping bay this week. First one in a while. 6 7 single fin.

This photo reminds me of a quote from the Dave Parmenter interview that features in
Lost in the Ether

“He came around to my shaping room and it was dark, but the door was open and he looked in there. He just went, “ohh, just to see that board like that again, the way you used to see it on the North Shore, looking in and seeing a board sitting there, a foil—you just don’t see this anymore,” he was just like ‘ohhh chicken skin’. And all the hairs were standing up on his arm…he was all emotional about it—just the love that he had for it, it really touched me.” - Dave Parmenter

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