Proofs Are In

22 ~ November 2010

Proofs are in

Proofs are in

Proofs arrived for the Lost in the Ether book this morning. Kind of old school, but also kind of fun and exciting checking proofs and getting them ready for printing. Arena Printing - the printing company I’m working with is based down in Victoria. It’s a very small print house, devoted to quality and sustainability. You can check it out here if anyone is interested in the process and their ethics.


I’ll keep you posted on further developments. Still aiming for early December release of the new film and book.

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All Finished

12 ~ November 2010

Dreamboard slice

Dreamboard slice

The Lost in the Ether book is at the printers & the film has been put to bed and is at the replicators. On target for early December release. Checking proofs of the book next week. Pre-order is avaiable in the shop for anyone interested. There’s only going to 1000 copies of the book/film made with 131 sold already. Time to have a surf! Dreamboard still from the film by Mick Waters.

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