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28 ~ September 2010

Drifting with the late winter whales and sharks

Drifting with the late winter whales and sharks

Thanks for taking the time to visit the new website. It’s been a mammoth exercise compiling my work for this project. Hopefully it gives you some kind of understanding of what I’m trying to articulate. I’ll continue to update this ‘News’ section, much like a Blog. I’m very close to finishing my latest film ‘Lost in the Ether’. The film will be released with a book so you can have a better understanding of the concepts and subjects that are featured within the film. Books and films are very different mediums, though I believe they compliment each other beautifully -  a book answers many of the questions that are left unanswered by a film.

On the music front: ‘The Windy Hills’ (the band I play in) are putting the finishing touches on their debut record due out in December.

It’s interesting times out there for creators of my ilk. Much of what I do these days has been devalued by the immediacy and free content that’s available on the Internet. It has become increasingly difficult to make a living as an independent artist. It poses many questions: How much do I give away? Will people continue to support what I do if they have to pay for it? One thing I have realised is the things that I produce have to be unique. They have to contain more information, information that can’t be found on the web. Hence the production of a book to be released with the new film. This is a lot more work for me and a massive production cost, as printing books is one of the most expensive ways of releasing information. But I believe in books - they can be beautiful. I believe in the time one allocates to sitting down and consuming something that is not on a computer. I believe in a person turning a page and showing it to a friend. I still believe in the smell of paper and the romance of books. Over the years I have tried to make things that I like for other people to enjoy. Have fun looking around andrewkidman.com and once again, thanks for your support in the past.
Sincerely, Andrew

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